Thursday, November 1, 2007

new information on birds and climate change

Here are a set of links and additional conservation-related information found during recent internet searches:

Biologists Look At Climate Change Effect on Shorebirds - New Hampshire Public Radio here.

A book on birds and the effects of climate change:
MOLLER, A., W. FIEDLER, and P. BERTHOLD, Editors. Birds and Climate Change. Elsevier/Academic Press, 2004. Advances in Ecological Research Series No. 35. 259 pp.

British Trust for Ornithology, 2005. BTO Reserach Report 414 - Climate Change and Migratory Species. Gp to this link.

A paper in the journal Global Change Biology. 2004. Ahola, M. Ilaaksonen, K. Sippola, T. Eeva, K. Raino, and E. Lehikoinen. (10): 1610–1617. Variation in climate warming along the migration route uncouples arrival and breeding dates.

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