Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ethics and the preservation of biodiversity

In the quest to reach across cultural, religious, and intellectual boundaries, see this excellent online chapter-by-chapter set of pdfs from the book “Ethics for a Small Planet: A Communications Handbook on the Ethical and Theological Reasons for Protecting Biodiversity”, published by the Biodiversity Project, in Madison, WI.

Why bother? Here’s author Jane Elder’s opening statement in chapter one:

“Why step into the murky world of values, ethics, moral perspectives, and theological viewpoints? Why not stick to the facts, the purely rational? Why? Because humans are
complex beings, and we make decisions about what to do, about what is right and wrong, through a mix of thought and feeling, rational argument and intuition, head and heart, data and gut instinct.”

Find this at this link, on the website of the Biodiversity Project.

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