Sunday, November 25, 2007

Among All These Versions of the Truth

Among All These Versions of the Truth
The world is a miraculous space.
In the life I have been given,
I am poised to see it.
Everyone looks at the quetzal’s tail,
but I look at the belly…
trying to see the heart beating…
his heart is like mine.

Let me always remember,
May my prayer always be to remember…
let there be no human chauvinism within me!
Let me see the world and all life within it
as neighbor and ally.
Only if I reexamine my own life
under the magnifying lens of truth
will I know that
I am only an equal member, and nothing more.
Knowing only this as certainty…may I live it and breathe it!
Once knowing, then acting -
may I practice it and make it part of my flesh.

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