Wednesday, November 28, 2007

conserv. news 11-28

A new Audubon Watchlist is now out. One hundred seventy-eight species in the continental U.S. and 39 in Hawaii are included on this "list of America’s most imperiled birds. WatchList 2007, a joint effort of Audubon and American Bird Conservancy, reflects a comprehensive analysis of population size and trends, distribution, and threats for 700 bird species in the U.S."

See it at this link.


Also bird conservation-related, read the most wonderful article I have seen in years in this month's (December) National Geographic: "On the Wings of the Albatross", written by Carl Safina, with photographs by Frans Lanting. Safina's article is incredibly good, and Lanting is one of the world's most accomplished wildlife photographers. Some sections are at National Geographic's website, here.

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