Monday, November 5, 2007

The "Climate Bird Count"?

Just arrived today: The new CBC issue of American Birds, Volume 61.

If you don't receive this publication, interesting articles include one on
the 2007 WatchList for United States Birds, and an article by Scott
Weidensaul, entitled "CBC: The Climate Bird Count?" Weidensaul describes
how Dan Niven, Audubon's senior scientist for bird conservation, along with
a team, will combine many decades'-worth of data from both CBCs and the BBS
to examine the "picture of how climate change is affecting North America's
birds". In this article, Weidensaul quotes Greg Butcher, Audubon's
director of bird conservation: "So one thing we want to do is a threat
analysis, both for Important Bird Areas and WathList species, to look at
which sites and which birds are most vulnerable to climate change".
See more on the 107th CBC at this link.

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