Monday, July 14, 2008

Ontario's good move, and some shorebird stuff

Ontario is setting aside 225,00 square kilometers of the boreal region - see the news here.


And this is very cool: see Clare's post on the House about Baird's Sandpipers, here.


Not much time for birding these days, but I am periodically checking some ponds near work for returning shorebirds - I'm ready when they get here. Meanwhile I am looking for new resources on shorebirds, and have found a few you may not have seen yet. Check these out: The Shorebird Watcher, the US Shorebird Conservation Plan website, Track Migrating Shorebirds with PRBO, and about Bar-tailed Godwits (we may never see one in WI - but I did see two when I lived in coastal CA...).

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