Tuesday, July 8, 2008

conservation notes and news, alternative birding notes

The link between agricultural practice and policy, and conservation of natural resources was well-documented by Aldo Leopold. To read about an excellent group working for good ag policy, see the website of the Center for Rural Affairs.


I've written here previously about the opportunity for local clubs to become part of the Bird Conservation Alliance. Some Milwaukee groups took my suggestion, and they went beyond it, to form the Milwaukee Olmstead Bird Conservation Alliance of Wisconsin (MOBCAW) - read about them at this link - perhaps your group may want to follow their lead.


It's always good to see what Mike McDowell has been up to, lately; go to his birding blog here to find out.


If you have never learned about the 10000 Birds blog, you're missing one of the best. Read it by clicking here. And while we're talking about some of the best, see Laura Erickson's blog, here, too!


If in your case it's too early to go shorebirding (it isn't, but that's not the point), way too early for fall warblers (it is, but YWARs and TEWAs will be heading south pretty soon), how about spending some time inputting your spring checklists on eBird? eBird provides tremendous opportunities to make your sightings useful. The last few weeks I've been entering checklists from the past few months, and last year I entered a ton of OLD data (and those of you who know me know I am old and some of my data is old , too!). Here's my challenge to you: enter those checklists! Go to the eBird Wisconsin site - you'll see it's easy and worthwhile.

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