Tuesday, July 22, 2008

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Once upon a time, a place like this was probably oak savanna. It's lost some of its original flora, and had a number of invasives added to it, so you'd have to describe this as "degraded" - but maybe we could say it's a "functional" savanna in some ways. It lacks a Red-headed Woodpecker, though...
Despite that, I still like it. I worked in some places like this during the last few months, doing bird surveys. I especially like the stream pictured here. A singing male Orchard Oriole was right here.
Read more about oak savannas here.
The American Bird Conservancy is recommending new changes to green building standards to help in reducing bird collisions. Read more here ...

Read about the 2008 USFWS waterfowl surveys and what the results show, here.

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