Sunday, July 27, 2008

a new place to work

A year ago, my wife Leah gave up her art studio in town - it just wasn't working out for her anymore. Now, she and her amazing family are embarking on a project that aims to save an historic (historic in her family, that is) building constructed by her grandfather, which is on her family's farm in Found du Lac County, and create a new working art studio for her, at the same time. The building in question is pictured above. A new concrete foundation is slated to be poured adjacent to the present site, and the building moved over onto the new foundation sometime this fall. I'll tell that story occasionally, here, as it unfolds.
See Leah's website and a lot about her art, here.

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Jean said...

I happened upon your lovely blog whilst searching to see how my blog comes up....I'm going to add your blog to my blogroll. Please stop by for a visit, you and your wife! Can't wait to see the new studio! We are bird lovers and I am an artist and seem to have much in common...I'll stop back on a regular basis....we are very interested in any efforts to restore and save natural biomes and songbirds...