Wednesday, January 16, 2008

conservation news January 16

If you haven't recently looked at the website for the Wisconsin All-bird Conservation Plan, it is becoming more valuable with every passing week. Take a look at it, here.


The new "Climatic Atlas of European Breeding Birds" has been released, with new analyses of the effects of climate change on birds across Europe. "The atlas shows that three quarters of all Europe's nesting bird species are likely to suffer declines in range", and these "could set some species on a path to extinction". To read more about this atlas, go to BirdLife's site, here.


Canada's boreal forest is a huge storehouse of carbon! This is another vital reason to protect it, in addition to its importance to birds. Read more at this link.


One of the best ornithological/conservation research and advocacy organizations in the United States is the Point Reyes Bird Observatory. See new information they have about climate change and what you can do, at this link. See more about all of the good work PRBO is doing at their main webpage, here.

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