Monday, January 28, 2008

conservation news Jan. 28

If you've been thinking about helping to raise funds for bird conservation in Wisconsin this year, one thing you might consider is joining those of us who are doing a "Big Green Big Year" (the "Bigby") this year. There is also a focused conservation fundraising effort underway this year to benefit the Golden-winged Warbler.

Find out more about these efforts at previous posts on this blog, here, and more about the Wisconsin Golden-winged Warbler conservation campaign here. Consider combining these two projects into one!


Learn about the activities of the Natural Resources Foundation at their website, and specifically their bird conservation campaign, at this link.


Look for more information on the Kirtland's Warbler in Wisconsin during the coming months. To learn more about this species, look at the WBCI All-Bird Conservation Plan species account page, here, and the Cornell All About Birds species account here. You may also wish to read the BirdLife International Factsheet on this species, here.


Recent publications from BirdLife International are listed here. Although it is becoming well-known that one in eight bird species are threatened worldwide, this is not emphasized nearly enough, in my estimation. You can find a summary of ways to help at this link, and a list of ways that BirdLife advocates for change at this link.

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