Saturday, January 19, 2008

climate change bird and tree atlases; boreal bird blog

Researchers at the U.S. Forest Service have developed a Climate Change Bird Atlas and Climate Change Tree Atlas. The former is a very useful reference to me right now, as I and a few colleagues work on the WBCI Issues Committee Climate Change and Birds Issues Paper. I'm pleased to be able to report that you can make use of these references without the need for ordering a hard copy; both are now online, at this link.

To see any of the other WBCI Issues Papers, (including papers on lead poisoning and birds, free-ranging cats and birds, ethical birding, or wind power and birds) go here.


If you come here to read this blog now and then, you've probably noticed that I refer to the Boreal Songbird Initiative fairly often. Dr. Jeff Wells is their senior scientist, and here's a link to his blog. Dr. Wells also has a new book you may have heard about. The Birder's Conservation Handbook is worth a look.

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