Wednesday, January 23, 2008

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Conservation-related news:

Speak up for wildlife: be part of the greatest victory in wildlife conservation history! It takes only a few minutes. Go to this link at the National Wildlife Federation website.


Read about the theme of, and plans for the 2008 International Migratory Bird Day, here.


Watch some great video from the Bird News Network here.

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Woylie said...

Hi found your Blog via a watch on Wildlife Conservation....we have a 100ac predator free conservation sanctuary over here in Western Australia to protect and re-introduce endangered Australian wildife.
The Woylie breeding program is going really well now..they are a member of the kangaroo family and stand 10" high...they used to be the most populas marsupial in Oz until cats & foxes arrived here!
Our birdlife is so far 50+ species recorded and still counting. So pics and info on our website at
Our Blog on our wildlife happenings is -

All of our conservation work is funded by our tourist accommodation come and stay and dupport a family run business with a core value of wildlife conservation. Regards Joy
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