Saturday, December 22, 2007

what about next year?

There are so many global, hemispheric, and regional conservation issues and directions to point in, to increase awareness about, it is really quite overwhelming. To list just a few places to learn more about conservation issues, try these (a list with links is just below) for a start, in 2008. Really make a difference; pick one or a few, learn about the issues, and get involved. It can be as simple as making a donation - maybe you don't have time for anything else. On the other hand, maybe you've always wanted to do more, but did not know how or where or why. Here are some good places to start:

Conservation International -- learn about international conservation campaigns, conservation biology, and learn how to take action at this link.

BirdLife International: more ways to learn about issues, and how to get involved.

Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network - what we're learning about these long-distance migrants, and how to protect them and their habitats.

Boreal Songbird Initiative - closer to home; what the issues are across North America's boreal forest.

Bird Conservation Alliance - the "network of organizations that focus on bird conservation, study, education, observation, and advocacy" - how could your organization fit in?

If you're thinking that New Guinea, or northern Ontario, or Venezuela, or Madagascar are pretty far away, you're right. But any one of the habitats in any one of those places is just as much "home" for the animals and birds that live there as your neighborhood is to you.

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