Monday, December 10, 2007

news - 12/10/2007

A conference hosted by the Wisconsin Wetlands Association is coming up. "In 2008, Wisconsin Wetlands Association will convene members of the regional wetland community for our 13th annual conference to discuss the latest in wetland science, management, restoration and protection issues as they relate to anthropogenic alterations that affect wetlands. The program for this 2-day conference will have a special focus on the theme Wetlands in the 21st Century: Altered Landscapes and Changing Climates." See more at this link.


See the newly-updatedwebsite of the American Bird Conservancy, here. Learn about their programs and work to promote bird conservation across the Americas. Watch a great new video from the Bird News Network here.


While checking the "North American Landbird Conservation Plan" published by Partners in Flight (the consortium of wildlife agencies and other entities), I happened to look through a table listing the approximate population sizes for landbirds on this continent. The population numbers are arrived at through a multi-step process utilizing BBS data. I expected Red-winged Blackbird to be number 1, with the largest population. But while that may have been true some years ago, it no longer is the case.

Can you guess which species is most abundant? Hints:

a) it has a very wide distribution throughout the United States and Canada
b) it does NOT normally come to feeders
c) we usually find some on the CBCs in Wisconsin, but the majority of individuals have left the state by the CBC period

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