Friday, July 6, 2007

Linking to some "good ideas"...

Here are some links to a set of valuable ideas, useful information, and background literature for more discussion.

A) In case you've never read about it, I strongly suggest learning about The Wildlands Project; go to: They're working on reconnecting wildlands from Canada into the United States to allow free movement of species (as well as genetic diversity within those species) across a very long montane corridor.

B) Every paper from the first ten years of the journal Landscape Ecology is now available online as pdfs, at:

C) The Worldwatch Institute has been at the leading edge of sustainability and environmental research for many years. See their site at:

D) Read about the Millenium Ecosystem Assessment at:

E) Go to the site of Harvard University's Center for Health and The Global Environment, at: They're doing some amazing work there.

F) Maybe this is saving the best for last in this section; see the website of the David Suzuki Foundation at:

While you're over at Harvard (see [E] above), see the excellent collection of wide-ranging information on religion and ecology at Harvard University's Forum on Religion and Ecology at:

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