Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Climate change effects on indigenous people

Some first-world folks seem to be unfazed by the threat that climate change poses to Earth. But these threats affect far more than bird populations, or glaciers.

Indigenous people around the globe are already feeling extreme pressures from climate change. Native people in the arctic and at high latitudes generally are among those already dealing with negative climate effects. Indigenous people living on low-lying oceanic island also are at risk. To read about these issues, here are a set of links to stories from around the world:

Global Warming Threatens Traditions of Indigenous Peoples


American Indigenous Peoples Share Stories of Climate Change

International Indigenous Peoples Forum on Climate Change Statement

How climate change hits India's poor

This final link is to a large file; use only if you have a high-speed connection. Indigenous People and Climate Change: a report from researchers at the University of Oxford and the Missouri Botanical Garden:

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