Wednesday, July 4, 2007


That which you love, that which you hate, that which you fear, or that which you dream can change you. Or, of course, that which surprises you. I will try to share some of all of those here, along with bits and pieces of inspiration from friends, mentors, teachers and colleagues.

A lot of conservation news and discussion will find a place here, often focused on and around birds and the natural world, but not limited to those subjects. Occasionally something of a political nature, or a philosophical one, will creep in. There will be connections to ideas about beliefs.

The name of this blog: Back in the long ago, there was a band named Buffalo Springfield. If you remember Steve Stills singing "Bluebird", you'll remember him suggesting that a bluebird could laugh. Or cry. Which may be more likely, given our present circumstances.

Climate change will be a frequent topic here; what it may mean to the natural and human world, and how it will likely affect us and everything around us. So will ideas about social justice, because these things are connected.

To start us off in that direction, and in case you need a reference or background for future discussions on these topics, go to the American Bird Conservancy's Climate Change and Birds page: . It's a fine place to learn about how a changing climate will affect wild bird species and populations. Another good reference and set of background facts can be found at the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center's page on "The effect of climate change on migratory birds", at:

My daughter called yesterday from Montana to tell me she had seen a Mountain Bluebird. I was grateful that she thought to tell me, grateful that there are Mountain Bluebirds for her to see, and hopeful - that there will always be.

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