Tuesday, September 8, 2009

some favorite places, part 1

If one wants to see absolutely beautiful examples of all of Wisconsin's plant communities and experience the natural history of Wisconsin, perhaps the best way I know is to visit Wisconsin's State Natural Areas (SNAs). The photos above are from one of these, Spruce Lake Bog in Fond du Lac County. Besides being a showplace for wonderful bog flora and birds, it's far more easily accessible than many other bogs. Best time to visit? Pick your favorite season. Learn more about the State Natural Areas at the website of the SNA Program. Some fall color is beginning to be visible here, with the highly-colored leaves of Red Maple (Acer rubrum) mixed in among the tamaracks and other woody species. Underfoot are pitcher plants, arrowhead, spagnum mosses, water hemlock, and many, many others. I had a Yellow Rail here once in autumn, on the bog mat that surrounds the lake.

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