Saturday, September 5, 2009

new raptor watch starting this fall

Here is info (which can be shared with anyone interested) for the first Forest Beach Migratory Preserve Raptor Watch date on Sept 27th. There's no fee, of course, and anyone is welcome!
I'll start at 7 am on September 27th, in the parking lot of the former Squires golf course (which is now Forest Beach Migratory Preserve, owned by the Ozaukee Washington Land Trust). Restoration activities are now in progress at this new preserve - a lot of hard work and effort are helping to create a new stopover site for migratory birds at this location.
It's easy to find. Go north out of Port Washington on Highway LL. Turn right on Highway P at the Squires billboard. When you get all the way to the east end of P, turn left and go about 150-200 yards. The clubhouse and parking lot are right there - I'll be parked there (white Chevy), and standing with a scope and tripod. For those who do not wish to walk far (or at all), if winds are westerly or northwesterly, you can bring a lawn chair and sit right next to your vehicle. If these weather conditions exist it is possible to observe raptors without leaving the parking lot - great for those whose health conditions may prevent them from hiking far or at all. I will lead groups around the site several times throughout the morning and early afternoon, but those who wish to do so can stay right there.
Here's a map - if you zoom out you can see all of the connecting roads.

The hawkwatch will continue into at least early afternoon. Please call or write if you have any questions!


William P. Mueller
Conservation Chair - Wisconsin Society for Ornithology (WSO)
Project Coordinator - Milwaukee County Avian Migration Monitoring Partnership (MCAMMP)
(414) 698-9108

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