Saturday, February 28, 2009

what's going on with Barn Owls

Maybe twice each year I post something about this symbolic and emblematic species, the Barn Owl. Barn Owl is endangered in Wisconsin, and is on the threatened or endangered list in a significant number of central US states, as well as in other countries around the globe. It is a cosmopolitan species, nesting on every continent except Antarctica. Learn more about this species at the website of the Barn Owl Trust.
Here's an overview from the WBCI All-Bird Plan BNOW Species account:
"Barn Owl population declines in Wisconsin and elsewhere in the Midwest are likely attributed to habitat loss and consequent inadequate food supply and nesting sites (Matteson and Petersen 1988). Management efforts should encourage agencies and land holders to preserve existing grasslands and acquire additional land, such as cropland, which can then be converted to grassland. Such efforts will benefit not only the Barn Owl population, but other obligate grassland bird species of Wisconsin. Additionally, nest box provisions near areas of quality foraging habitat may be another important management strategy (Matteson and Petersen 1988, Schneider and Pence 1992). Conservation and management strategies for this species should be focused in the following Wisconsin ecological landscapes: Central Sand Plains, Southeast Glacial Plains, Southwest Savanna, Western Coulee and Ridges, and Western Prairie (WDNR 2005)."
More information is also available at the following links: Barn Owl Conservation - Pennsylvania Game Commission site

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John's Arts & Crafts said...

Great Blog & Photo! I have had good luck with a nesting box design, the major problem is getting the nesting box to the correct height for verticle range of the owl! New blog on the Hx. of the Ladybug: