Thursday, February 26, 2009

bird checklist news

Although I had hoped to have Wisconsin's Annotated Checklist ready for the WSO website and for submission to the Passenger Pigeon by now, that will not be possible for a while longer. The updated checklist will have some new features it did not have in the past - look for it this summer. The "old" version of the Annotated Checklist is still available here.

On the other hand, here is news from the Ornithological Societies of North America (OSNA) and the American Ornithologists' Union (AOU) about the North American checklist - an undertaking far beyond that for merely one state:

"The AOU is pleased to announce a new web page for the Check-list of North and Middle American Birds ( The check-list is now in a searchable database. Users can browse the full list of species as well as search by scientific/common name, family, or order. They can also download the entire list or their search results in an Excel compatible text file. Species names in the search results table are linked to the respective Birds of North America account (, if an account is available online.

The new check-list page also has a link to the committee's main web page (, the 7th Check-list and supplements, pending and prior proposals, and guidelines for submitting a proposal."

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