Wednesday, November 5, 2008

new book - how to manage your land to help birds

If you have land that you'd like to manage to help birds, a new manual is available that will help you learn effective ways to do exactly that. "How to Manage Your Land to Help Birds", by Vicki Piaskowski, Kari Williams, Gil Boese, and Paula Brookmire, is the product of a decade of hard work by Birds Beyond Borders-Aves Sin Fronteras, a long-term project of the Foundation for Wildlife Conservation, Inc. and the Zoological Society of Milwaukee. How do you get a copy? There are two ways: the entire book is downloadable, or you can make a point of attending one of Vicki's talks around the state, where she gives them away. Production and publication of this book was funded by a grant, making it possible to give copies away. Learn more about the book, and about Birds Beyond Borders, by going to the website, here.

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harlowbiel said...

Vicki Piaskowski will be the featured speaker at the meeting of the Benjamin F. Goss Bird Club in Waukesha on January 18th. Come join us. More information at: