Thursday, August 14, 2008

pouring the concrete! and other things....


This past weekend, my wife's family poured the concrete for the new foundation for the old building they are restoring on the farm. Grandpa Wendel would be fascinated, no doubt, to see what is happening to his handiwork, and to see how the current generations are still involved in and on the family farm. Photos above are in sequence, showing the guys standing in the forms with insulation and piping for radiant heat, then the start of pouring, striking, and finally the complete poured foundation (with Hannah!). Great job, folks!
More to come in the saga of this building....
Nights are getting longer, and a bit cooler - the wonderful weather of autumn is not far off. Migrants are appearing regularly, now. You can visualize the nocturnal migration by learning how ornithologists use Nexrad radar - start by reading more at this link.

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