Saturday, August 23, 2008

conservation and research news

Migrating songbirds are moving through Wisconsin now. Learn about birds & collisions with windows at the WiNGS site of the WI Humane Society, and learn more about how you can prevent collisions at your home and business; more information is available at the following:

Suggestions in this article ...

And more at this link...

When you think of hunting for birds, you possibly think of pheasants or ducks or geese...but in other parts of the world, a long list of other species are hunted. Some of that hunting is illegal, unregulated, and unsustainable. Learn more in this BirdLife article.


Learn about new research on the Black-throated Blue Warbler - here.

Here's info about a workshop on the Rusty Blackbird.

More, on the links between acid rain, insects, and warbler populations.

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