Thursday, February 14, 2008

new book on humanity's relationship with birds

Nigel Collar and his colleagues A.J. Long, P. Robles Gil, and J. Rojo have produced a new book we all should be reading. Birds and People: Bonds in a Timeless Journey "is split into five chapters looking at all aspects of human's relationship with birds". Find out more about this book at the BirdLife International website.

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Dr. Lawrence said...

he US is a pesticide culture. While we ponder songbirds I think we have to consider the chemicals we knowingly put in our front yards.

We know pesticides are bad for pets and people. It says so right on the little yellow sign Scott's sticks in the lawn after a visit. In my opinion, pesticide use should be weighed against potential benefits. When the benefits are purely cosmetic or convenience it's much more difficult to justify the health risks. Many towns in Canada have outlawed lawn pesticide use in any form. What's taking the US so long?