Friday, April 15, 2011

one minute a day for bird conservation

With one minute each day over the coming weeks - you can help make a difference for conservation and birds in Wisconsin. Starting today, an easy new project using your help can improve an area for birds and support an organization that is developing and restoring habitat in southeastern Wisconsin. Edy's (the company that makes fruit bars), has a annual program to provide community orchards around the nation. The Ozaukee-Washington Land Trust is attempting to get enough online votes to win this chance to develop an orchard on the grounds of the Forest Beach Migratory Preserve in Ozaukee County. Orchards can be great bird-attractors, and serve other purposes for the Land Trust as well. We surely can use help from as many people as possible - it's simple: go to this link, register (see the top row of links, and find the register link, there) the first time, then you can vote once each day - the organization with the most votes will be funded for developing an orchard this year. It takes a couple of minutes to register, but after that less than a minute each day to log in and cast your vote. A community garden group in Middleton won last year's spot in Wisconsin - please vote for the Ozaukee-Washington Land Trust's orchard project this year!

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