Saturday, January 30, 2010

birds and cold weather

If you 're occasionally wondering how birds survive intense cold as well as other weather events, here are some valuable resources:

Romero, L. M., J. M. Reed, and J. C Wingfield. 2000. Effects of weather on cortocosteroid responses in wild free-living passerine birds. General and Comparative Endocrinology 118:113–122. [Online] Available: Accessed 30 January 2010.

See many sections in one of my favorite ornithological reference books: Newton, I. 2008. The migration ecology of birds. Academic Press. New York. (especially sections on cold weather effects on birds).

Calder, W.A., J.R. King 1974. Thermal and caloric relations of birds. In Avian Biology, Vol. 4, D.S. Farner, J.R. King, and K.C. Parkes, Eds. : 259-413. Academic Press. New York.

And, don't forget to include reading any of the papers on this topic done by Wisconsin's own Professor Bill Brooks, who taught for many years at Ripon College. Prof. Brooks worked on cold weather adaptations in redpolls. See especially: Brooks, W. S. 1968. Comparative adaptations of the Alaskan redpolls to the arctic environment. Wilson Bulleton, Vol. 80 (3): 253-280. [Online] Available: Accessed 30 January 2010.

Last but surely not least is the excellent book: Marchand, P. J. 1996. Life in the cold: an introduction to winter ecology. Third edition. University Press of New England. Hanover, NH.

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