Friday, July 17, 2009

recent news on birds and collisions


News from a Temple University study on birds and collisions is available here - thanks to Noel Cutright for sharing this. See the links page on birds and collisions at the Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative website for more resources on this topic. This WBCI collisions & birds page is due for updating this summer and fall - check back in a few months for more information. Sue Foote-Martin and I are discussing and planning some changes and additions.

The above now-famous photo, take by WBCI's Andy Paulios, dramatically illustrates the effect of a brief period of tower collisions on migrating passerines. This photo has been used internationally to educate people about this subject.

Communications tower collisions and window collisions (although having somewhat different causes and effects) both take a huge toll on birds. An excellent resource for PREVENTION of collisions at private residences and businesses is found at the two matching pages on the Wisconsin Humane Society website.

Do a bit of online searching and you'll find a number of groups who continue to deny that towerkills of birds are a problem. Hmmm....I'll just carefully suggest that you draw your own conclusions.

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