Tuesday, June 30, 2009

bird conservation news, carbon footprints and travel, more ornithology notes

Bird Conservation News Items

There is news on the American Bird Conservancy BirdWire newsletter: links to news stories are here.

News from the Point Reyes Bird Observatory is here.

BirdLife International news stories are here.

You can subscribe to ABC's electronic newsletter here.


Traveling Far?

If you're traveling a long distance this year, consider rail travel to reduce your carbon footprint. Although we don't have many high-speed rail lines in the US as yet, here's an example from HSR in Europe: a rail passenger in Spain on the Madrid-Barcelona line accounts for only one-sixth of the carbon emissions of an airplane passenger traveling the same distance. Regular rail travel via AMTRAK in this country still moves a lot of people at lower carbon emissions than air travel. There is admittedly some disagreement about this. Learn more about the carbon footprint of your mode of travel (and more) here at the Nature Conservancy calculator webpage.


Research News from the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center is available at this link. Other items from the SMBC are found here, and a scientific paper relating to one of this past winter's famous news stories is here.

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