Tuesday, March 3, 2009

inventive, creative music and art - insects and animals as the sometime focus

I have no idea whether you'll enjoy this or not, but here goes. I've been listening to some new music by an incredibly creative individual, Andrew Bird. For those of us who spend a good deal of our time focusing on the natural world and living things, it is interesting partly because he includes mentions of insects and other invertebrates in his lyrics! I can think of songs that maybe complain about mosquitoes, or the like, but seldom have I heard songs that speak of these "other nations" of living beings in a praiseworthy way.

See more about Andrew Bird here, and here, on NPR.

But it doesn't end there, because learning about Andrew led me to learn about the artist who did the cover art for his most recent CD, Diana Sudyka. See more about Diana and her work here, and here is her tour poster for Andrew's recent tour.

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Sara said...

I was so excited to see you have discovered Andrew Bird. He is an incredible musician and I have seen him several times live. He does not disappoint. I found the link to your blog on your last email. There is some great information on there!

Unfortunately I will be out of town on the 29th, but it sounds like you have a great day planned. I am really hoping to band this spring. I will have to see what my student teaching schedule is. I hope you are well.