Thursday, January 29, 2009

have you seen a Prairie Falcon in Wisconsin?

The WSO Records Committee has rejected most Prairie Falcon records submitted in Wisconsin, for a variety of reasons, so it still officially has hypothetical status. But not all sightings are reported or documented.

Here are the records:

Sept. 23, 1957 -- Sheboygan; D. D. Berger, H. C. Mueller, Frank Kuhlman -
Oct. 31, 1976 -- Vernon; William A. Smith -
Sept. 16, 1979 -- Douglas; Janelle M. Humphrey -
Oct. 15, 1982 -- Sheboygan; D. D. Berger, H. C. Mueller, George Allez-
Nov. 30, 1989 -- Portage; Thomas Hoppa & Larry Semo-
Oct. 16, 1990 -- Racine; Gerald A. DeBoer-
Feb. 9, 1991 -- Portage; Erik Munson-
March 15, 1991 -- Portage; Daniel R. Spuhler-
Oct. 12, 1996 -- Grant; Jeff Dankert-
April 22, 1998 -- Douglas; Robbye J. Johnson & Shaun Putz

Have you seen this species in Wisconsin, and perhaps have not submitted a report? If so, I'd like to know about it; please e-mail me with your sighting details. Wheeler's Raptors of Eastern N. America PRFA range map shows some Wisconsin locations; were they all reported to WSO?

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