Friday, September 19, 2008

more good reading

Would you like to read a REALLY fun book about where to find birds in Wisconsin? Well, you don't have to look far, because there's another superb choice available now. All of This and Robins Too: A Guide to the 50 or so Best Places to Find Birds in Wisconsin, by Steve Betchkal, is certainly such a book. Steve's humorous and very informative book, in Steve's own words, is most assuredly NOT meant to replace the well-known Wisconsin's Favorite Bird Haunts. (A new edition of that excellent and very successful guide is in the works at present, and should be available next year). But it has much to recommend it, and I give it an unqualified endorsement. Steve is a very witty guy; you'll find not only directions to great places, and reasons why they are great, but also a laugh on almost every page. Who doesn't need a laugh these days?

Steve focuses on groups of birds that he can help you find, but this is not a book devoted to the rarest species occasionally found in Wisconsin.

Dozens of excellent maps are found here, along with carefully-worded directions to the sites, and suggestions for the best time of year to visit each location.

This is a great book. Contact Steve at gonebirding88@hotmail if you want more info. Or call him at 715-832-7359.

I have found a few things in the book that I'm going to discuss with Steve. See if you can help him improve the next edition(s) - that's part of his challenge to you. And there's a "message" to this book, too...but I'll let you discover that for yourself, by reading it.

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