Thursday, June 19, 2008

news, and a few observations

View the latest news from the Am. Bird Conservancy at this link.

Today I found some of my favorite bird species while doing surveys in southwestern Grant County: A White-eyed Vireo (near the village of Cassville), and several others after my surveys were completed: Carolina Wren (this one in the village of Cassville itself), and Kentucky Warbler and two Cerulean Warblers in Nelson Dewey State Park. These are all species which I find very infrequently, partly because I almost never "chase" anymore - and that may be partly why I enjoy them as much as I do. My 2008 annual list for WI has not reached 200 yet, and that is a bit unusual - but I don't seem to mind it - my birding has changed, especially in the last few years. I am doing a lot of surveys in all seasons, now...and that may have helped to re-direct my energy and impetus to add to a year list.

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