Sunday, May 18, 2008

worthwhile books, conservation, and more

I have been looking again just lately at Laura Erickson's fine book 101 Ways to Help Birds (2006 Stackpole Books) - it is a superb book - in fact, whether you buy it or get it from the library, I suggest that you may find this to be the one book with a conservation theme that covers all of the important topics, and does so with great insight and honesty. Don't miss it.

This weekend the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology's 69th year was marked by the society's annual Convention. WSO hosted a superb keynote speaker, Carrol Henderson from the Minnesota DNR. Carrol has written a number of fine books. His latest is focused on the same topic he covered in his keynote address: Oology and Ralph's Talking Eggs. This new book (Univ. of Texas Press) is bound to be a fascinating read - it is concerned with 19th century egg collecting, and the links that egg collecting has to the science of ornithology, modern birding, and the simultaneous development of avian conservation. Read more about it here, or here.
Learn more about WSO at their website. If you're not a member, I recommend you find out what you're missing, by attending any one of WSO's field trips, checking out the society's quarterly journal (The Passenger Pigeon - learn more about the journal here), its newsletter, The Badger Birder, bookstore, other events, and then join us - WSO is a great organization.

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